Muck & Mire

by Muck & Mire

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released July 23, 2013



all rights reserved


Muck & Mire Tulsa, Oklahoma

Kyle - vocals
Eric - guitar
Greg - bass
Tyson - guitar
Jesse - drums

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Track Name: Accepting Defeat
I can't believe how much things can change in just a few dead years.
you dropped your chin,
you sunk your head
(you sunk your head)
you gave into all of your fears.
I've never seen such an empty heart,
I've never heard such a hollow voice,
you let your life swallow you whole.
you told me you had no choice.
but you did.
circumstances surround,
but just know you're still not alone.
because even though you accepted defeat,
you know that's not good enough for me.
If you can't stand on your own two feet,
then i'll be your crutch.
you're not broken.
it's not the end.
don't give in.
we can pass through the gates without looking back.
you're not despised.
you gave up, but I'm not giving up on you.
no more being pushed around.
you hold your fate, so hold it high.
keep it close, keep that spark in your eye.
the history of your life is yet to be written.
and none of us can see the future,
we can only look within.
Inside our burning hearts,
our tormented souls.
There's still beauty in our defeat,
look up,there is something to see.
the sun wakes up the dead and alive.
You may have given into defeat,
but you're not defeated.
I can promise you that.
Track Name: Low
I used to be a decent person,
always giving, never to receive.
but you're a better person than me.
I see that now.

You're the one who gave me the strength
in the times when I thought I lost it all.
Everything was spiraling out of control,
I was losing more and more every day.
My footholds were slipping,
my feet were losing the ground.
I never thought this through,
I never thought of a way back out.

But just so you know,
I've never felt so low, but I haven't lost it all.
There's still a burning heart, and so much left to gain.
I know you say there's hope, and I believe you so,
it will just take some time.
your words have grown in me.
but I've never been so unsure in my life.

And now I know,
and this fact I'm sure,
the waves wash over me,
the rain will fall down.
I'll pick myself up out of this hell.
I'll find a place for myself and never look back.
I've been thinking for so long,
I never wanted to lose you.
but my distractions got the best of me.

as I look back,
i was lost even then.
Track Name: Still Burn
Look at what's been laying around.
Can't you see what I've been screaming about all this time?
You can't see what you can't find.
You've gotta open, open up your mind.
And crack open your hardened, calloused heart.
To taste that soft, sweet love
That drips from my lips,
The substance that we all yearn for with every passing day
.We don't want to battle fury and anger.
Just to taste something we're not sure if we deserve.
We've gotta chase that rising tide, we must move toward that sea.
Seek what can make this life more worthwhile.
Because it means everything in the world.
So keep your eyes on me; my eyes won't fail.
We are not invincible, but we have what others don't.
It fuels us and keeps us afloat.
We're done listening to the preaching.
I'm done following leaders who seek dead ends.
It's truth I seek,
And I'll seek it by any means.
I'm not looking to relate, I'm searching to reciprocate.
But when you find me at the end of my rope,
Just know I wanted to give you my all.
And I know that everything in my heart,
It harbors something heavier than my hate.
There's goodness left in me and you.
When we broke it down, it shattered into pieces we now reside in.
So take my hand, I'll take us through these broken dreams.
Use them to propel us into the void.
But put your trust in me.
No one will stand in our way.

We're done searching.
We've found our home.
I won't ever let you down.